The key challenge will be to identify and test the best measures to improve workers’ ergonomics.”

Physical Training

Our challenge will be to investigate physical training needs to improve workers’ health and quality of life.

Nutritional Balance

Our challenge is to offer healthier nutritional options and rising the awareness of diversified diet.

Stress Management

Our challenge is to provide measures to the employees to deal with workers’ physical health and stress.

About Us

OptimaSteel, a research project that seeks to identify and implement good practices in the Steel industry to foster wellbeing and health allowing the employees to have a better quality of life.

Successful ageing at work and how to support and retain older workers is a critical challenge for organizations. Such issues are particularly relevant in the steel industry.
The main goal of our project is therefore to build on state of the art solutions from top-end technology developers and research institutes across EU, to provide well-balanced and holistic systems that are able to meet the steel industry needs and offers benefits and an enhanced quality of life for older adults at the workplace.

Project News

Here you can find news on the latest developments going on during the OptimaSteel Project.

OptimaSteel project is reaching its end

OptimaSteel consortium joined today for the final official meeting. The project ends this month and partners had the opportunity to present...

OptimaSteel project is reaching its end

Last week the consortium had the pleasure to host a dissemination event.

OptimaSteel & DigitalDialog

OptimaSteel project will be presented at the upcoming DigitalDialog on February 23

2nd round of the pilots has just started!

The second round of the pilots have just started & will be happening until Xmas holidays!