The objectives of the project OptimaSteel are toidentify, assess, demonstrate and disseminate towards the steel industry, state of the art technologies and methods to improve the quality of life of older adults in their working environment, thus addressing issues of un-ergonomically designed working places and other factors that can hamper workers especially in the age of +50, which are becoming predominant in the steel industry.

The solution to current health, safety and wellbeing of steel workforce does not rely on a single technology or on a new development. Only by combining physical, ergonomic, nutritional and cognitive aspects, a holistic approach to enhance the wellbeing and quality of life at the workplace of older adults can be developed.

The main goal of our project is to build on state-of-the-art solutions from top-end technology developers and research institutes across EU, to provide well-balanced and holistic systems that are able to meet the steel industry needs and offers benefits and an enhanced quality of life for older adults at the workplace.

The success of our objectives will be measured by the following factors:

Acceptance Rate of Primary End-Users: The acceptance rate of primary end-users will be measured during implementation at the pilot stage and be divided into different branches, e.g. the willingness to use the proposed solutions at the beginning, the intensity of usage as well as the duration of usage of different modules. Success is defined by using at least one module of the system every two days.

Acceptance Rate of Secondary End-Users: This success parameter involves mainly the management of different companies and the feedback of them, obtained during dissemination stage.

Feedback of Primary End-User: This feedback includes quantitative as well as qualitative measurements to measure the wellbeing of the employees. Enhancing the wellbeing and providing a healthy lifestyle is a key goal of this project and willbe measured using questionnaires, interviews and/or focus groups.